Tools I am Loving this Month: Explain Everything

Hi friends,

I am excited to announce my #December’s Platform and Tool of the Month Series for you guys! Every month I will send you a neat online platform and tool that will help you be your best organized and productive self- whether you are a student, educator, or professional!

This Month’s Platform and Tool is:

Explain Everything allows users to turn their laptop, tablet, or phone into an interactive whiteboard! Explain Everything was founded in 2011 by a team of innovators, artists, learners, and leaders and it is used in over 40 countries. Their goal was to re-invent the way we communicate.

How does it work?

The app gives a whiteboard like view that lets you collaboratively display videos, drawings, texts, and presentations while sharing screens in real-time.

For pre-recorded Explain Everything presentations you do, you can screencast your screen and even narrate your voice over it which can be great for at home meetings, trainings, or lectures!

You can also invite others to your whiteboard to make annotations and increase the conversation with real-time vioice chat options.

If you like drawing, you can also sketch with the Explain Everything app and have a range of full color palettes and can zoom out to add more drawing space at any time.

You can add photos from your camera roll or from online and incorporate in your whiteboard presentations as well as add documents like pdfs and spreadsheets.

Teachers can also add audio clips of reading passages or paragraphs on webpages to add an audio element to their readings assigned. You can even add a discussion option!

This is just the beginning of the possibilities you can do with Explain Learning. Look at their video tutorial linked below for more information on the product!

Check out Explain Everything on their Twitter or Instagram

Let me know if you used Explain Everything and how you liked it! Tweet me @AngelaMaiers on what you think 😊 Until next month!



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