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Leader. Visionary. Entrepreneur. Disruptor. Change Maker. Angela embodies each of these descriptors with passion, commitment and fierce determination.

When I spoke at Mayo Clinic’s Transform Conference a few years ago, innovation was focused only on patient care. Today, with qualified healthcare workers hard to find, innovative minds are wondering how to attract and retain the best employees.

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My message to this group:

The most successful healthcare companies are those that liberate and leverage…

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Seth Godin is masterful at making obvious things so much clearer. In a post on passion and excellence he asked:

  • Should the person who runs the customer service operations at a ski school also be required to love skiing?
  • Can the CFO of a large church be an atheist?
  • Does…

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This year has been incredibly fulfilling. Every conference and every district wants to hear the same topic: Mattering IS the Agenda. While I enjoy delivering my other topics, mattering draws the most emotional response and spurs educators to take action immediately.

Thus I was very excited when Steve Figurelli, Supervisor…

Hi friends,

Wow, September has flown by hasn’t it?

I know around this time, homework and extracurriculars can be stressful so I’d love to share some platforms for student, learning, engagement, and collaboration that can help!

I have provided a link and brief description for each of the platforms below…

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I had a wonderful time at the Reading Recovery Conference in Chicago and was excited to see the interest in the topic of Digital Literacy from the perspective of early childhood education.

Here are the slides and resources from my talk:

Literacy in the Digital Age from Angela Maiers

“If you want to find your passion, surrender to your heartbreak.” ~ Umair Haque

Passion matters.

It is the differentiator and the difference maker.

In our quest to be passion driven learners and leaders,we are often advised to “follow our hearts” as the way leads us to our true passion…

I taught kindergarten for one year of my career. It was an extraordinary year. It was an experience I wish every teacher and leader could have at least a small taste of.

There’s something about being around young children; beyond their energy, freshness, and laughter.

Children are wise without knowing…

This post was co-authored by Nora Moran, a student at Northern Highlands High School in New Jersey.

April 14th is Leaders for Literacy day, a movement started by the International Literacy Association in 2015 to bring attention to the plight of almost 800 million people worldwide who are illiterate.


As parents, teachers, students, companies, and society, we emphasize competition. We tell our athletes to “win at all costs.” In business, employees hear “there is no room for failure.” We evaluate our students, and their teachers, primarily on their ability to pass standardized tests.

What if there were no grades…

I’m honored, privileged and quite frankly, ecstatic(!) that Classroom Habitudes is now a manifesto on ChangeThis!

ChangeThis is a site birthed from an idea by Seth Godin and operated by the folks at 1–800-CEO-READ ( click through to download the manfiesto)

Among some of the other thought champions and change…

Angela Maiers

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